Sunday, April 4, 2010


Last Wednesday 31-3-10, we had a walk through to check all the electrical work had been completed. Although there were a couple minor things that need addressing, all in all everything is looking good. On Thursday, we had a second walk through with the 2nd Electrician - J from Vision Living. I really can't recommend these guys enough as they have been so thorough with everything and ever so helpful. All the coloured cables are a sample of Vision's work.

While we had our walk through, the insulation was going in around us. Wow, what a difference 1 hour makes to the look of a place.

Gyprocking is scheduled to begin tomorrow (yes, even on a public holiday). We have our fingers crossed they have the last of the electrical fix ups sorted before the walls begin otherwise they might be making it more difficult on themselves.

We are so happy to see things progressing at a steady rate again!

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