Friday, May 29, 2009

No Pictures Yet - but moving ahead

Sorry, there are still no pictures of anything exciting yet, but we have made some progress. In a nutshell:
  • tenants given notice to move out by 5th July on 26th of May (held over from a Fixed Term Contract that expired on 3rd of April)
  • received 2 demolition quotes ($10 450 and & $7500 - take a guess as to which one we are more likely to go with)
  • further discussions with Bank about Finance (valuation came in lower than expected because we aren't building in a 'new' area)
  • 2nd Stage of Council Approval received - Building Rules Consent.

According to our contract, the slab should be laid no later than 19th of August, but at this stage we are ahead of schedule, with the final council approval expected in next couple of weeks, along with Finance approval. Hope it all goes through smoothly.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Demolition Application Approved

We have received notice that our application for demolition and removal of the significant tree has been approved. In what was expected to take 4-5 weeks to come through, only took 11 days.
We potentially have someone who may want the house and take it away, but if that falls through we will simply go through a demolition company.
Spoke to T. from Henley today who is still trying to finalise pricing and break-down of costs with the electrical contractor, but other than that we are progressing well.
The bank pack has been submitted with BankSA and we expect to hear back from that late May.
T. expects final Development Approval to also come in within 4-5 weeks. So all in all, we are on track and will soon give notice to the tenants to leave so we can go ahead with the next stage - BUILDING! YAY!!!