Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tender Appointment

Fuzz mode! That is what my brain is at the moment.

Our tender appointment went rather smoothly yesterday (although after I explain it may seem like it didn’t) – but I guess it had to as there really aren’t many options, either accept the price and keep something in or not like the price and take it out (hence, not getting the upgrade you may have really wanted).

The initial price we looked at was really scary - not including any electrical work, nor extras such as driveways, fencing or demolition of the current house. However, because we have been active while waiting for the tender appointment I have received quotes for carpet, floating floors and tiling and no matter how we looked at it, it was less than half of the quoted price from Henley’s suppliers and tradies. Predictably we took these options out of the tender.
The news of our really bad soil wasn’t all that good though with Site Footings coming in at $27 285 plus Earthworks cut and fill at $5850, totaling $33135, which is $15135 over our provisional allowance of $18000 (which I also thought to be high). But what can you do. ACCEPT IT. Would rather the house to be safe and secure than go back to square one of the whole building thing.

Other minor variables were the cost of the air conditioning unit (which was quickly sorted out), additonal double hand rails in all bathrooms, changing of tile selection for the balcony and some thought being needed about downlights in the overhead kitchen cupboards and the porch cement slab based on cost. Each of these I will follow up as soon as I can.

At that point I discovered a current promotional Greenfields Saving (of living in a metro area) had not been discounted. YAY! – a saving of $10000, boy did we need that. I pointed this out to T, who thought I had it confused with the house base price being a certain amount and the discount already being applied. I restated that on our original meeting with V, Head Office agreed to us getting a certain discounted base price even though a price rise had just been applied through the Melbourne offices. I also followed this up on the Monday following our meeting via a phone call as V accidently recorded on our paper work two different amounts on 2 different pages. V. confirmed she would make the corrections on the paperwork prior to the Henley office receiving it. T tried to contact V at our appointment but had no luck. An email received today from T, tries to put it all back on us, saying V thought it had all been sorted out and we have to contact V who will explain it to us. Explain it to us I think not, we will explain it to her and she can correct it like she said she would in the first place. $10000 is $10000 and something I am willing to argue about.

On the positive side of things, through receiving the engineers report I now have a scaled drawing of 1:200 to submit to council to apply for demolition of the existing house. I just have to organise an arborist report to send along with the application.

So jobs to undertake now:
Get an arborist report for the significant tree on our block.
Get a quote on a cement slab for the porch.
Decide if $ for 4 downlights is worth it.
Visit Beaumont Tiles to ensure we are happy with our new tile selection
Phone V to follow up the house price.
Phone T to clarify - the type of Panelift door we want, the fridge width, and to request a detailed breakdown of costs for the Site Footings.
Submit the Development application to Port Adelaide/Enfield council for demolition.

Over the past week (through numerous emails and phone calls) I have also tried to follow up W from Henley’s recommended Electricians for a quote. On Wednesday (18th March) when I finally got hold of him, he said he would have a quote for us by Friday this week (originally told by Thursday last week). This still has not arrived by email as promised. He told me by having the weekend to look at it we could make an appointment next week to discuss it further. This of course will be delayed further as he has not come through with the goods. Under normal circumstances I would say stuff them – I’ll go elsewhere, but what can you do when they are the only mob Henley will deal with and it needs to be completed during the build process not after handover.

After a busy day at work, with many follow ups there needed too, my brain has kind of gone into melt down. I’m on my second drink and it’s only 6:20. For anyone who knows me, this is not good as I will be off with the fairies anytime now! Oh well, I must fly off for now, as another busy day ahead tomorrow painting our investment property. We have to move there by the 6th of April, not the 16th as originally thought. Blah!!!

P.S. Sorry for rambling, I kind of do this a bit. Will try to keep it to a minimum from now on.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Here is a copy of what the facade of our house will look like based on the changes we requested. In Victoria this exact design would be known as the 'Airlie'. Here, we were told we couldn't choose from the Victorian counterparts facades as their division was much bigger than ours in Adelaide and it would not be cost efficient. In the end we got what we wanted, just with out using the word 'Airlie'. Our tender appointment has now been booked for Thursday 19th of March. I'm feeling a bit nervous as I know after this it becomes harder to make changes and it will cost to do so too. Will keep reading the HomeOne Forums just to make sure we have all bases covered.
The settlement day for our current home of 9 years is the 16th of April. The rest of the packing begins!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carpets and Floating Floors

After our busy day last Thursday and learning the quote for carpets to be $10440, we decided (well, I did anyhow) that we should make some comparisons and see if we could find a better deal.

The first place we went to had one equivalent carpet, but even more expensive per lineal metre, and a sales rep who barely even acknowledged our presence in their showroom.

Then we went to Carpet Choice, where I first went to learn about the difference between different types of carpets, however this time it was the Parafield store, not Modbury. The moment we entered, we received the offer for help, and the opportunity to return should we think of any questions.

In the end after answering many questions regarding ounce of carpets, branding, quality, wear and COST, we think we will more than likely get something through these guys.

Based on these rough workings, which were rather confusing to calculate, given my ignorance of the difference between square metre and lineal metre and not having the Carpet Choice quote in both measurements, Carpet Choice comes out a clear winner on COST at a saving of $4250.

The other differences are kind of counter acted, in that the greater thickness of the carpet may require modification to door clearance, a solution dyed nylon ensures the colour ran through the carpet prior to weaving ensuring less fading, and with the timber, even though it is less thickness, at Carpet Choice they assured me it is the quality of the underlay that affects the acoustics, not the laminate itself. Additionally, the Carpet Choice flooring has a greater variety of colours, coming in the Jarrah we were hoping for.

P.S A lineal metre is approx 3.66 larger than a square metre.

How wide is carpet? (How do I know how much I need?)The standard width for carpet in Australia is 3.66 metres; however, some styles of carpet can be produced in widths of 4 metres. The reason for this width measurement is that the machines used to produce carpet are constructed to allow 12 feet (or 3.66 metres) of carpet to be manufactured. There are only a limited number of machines in Australia that are capable of producing 4 metre width carpet.

P.P.S. D finds all this boring and is much more looking forward to setting up the Home Theatre! No great surprise there - hehe…