Sunday, November 29, 2009

'The Carlton Dry Stand'

We now have about 45 empty pallets, with a house that is extremely close to being completely bricked. So what is left?
  • the top third of half of the western facing wall
  • above the windows of what will be our gym at the front of the house
  • the top third of the front pillars.

The tradies were ever so kind to have accidently left the interior ladder open (saving me the nervousness of climbing the really big outer one on the scaffolding). What a beautiful sunset. The framing for the baths/spa are in now too. One tradie thought that we might like to know that Mike loves Tim hehe...

We had a drink to celebrate this viewing and typical of D, and brothers D and M, they decided to each (at exactly the same time) drop their empties into the yet to be finished front pillars. None of the bottles smashed, so now our future balcony has been nicknamed 'The Carlton Dry Stand'

Rain on Friday and Saturday has created a swimming pool in our Family Room. Anyone care for a swim?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Thirds of Bricking Complete

The scaffolding has moved up yet again. We counted 30 empty pallets on the block, and it seems as though they will still need more bricks for the last 1/3rd. I'm a bit fearful of going up on that scaffolding (height), but D. of course mentioned he would love to go up and have a look. Wonder what the end of week will bring, given such great progress up 'till now.
Front View

Empty Pallets

Side View (non garage side)

Back View

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The next level of bricking started through the week, with all the scaffolding put up on Tuesday 17/11.
Front View

View from Scaffolding over Garage

Rear View

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grand Entry - Framework

The framework for the Grand Entry was installed today.

It's beginning to look Grand :-)
(No more bricking done today though)

Solar Panels

Went Solar shopping this morning. So many different systems to choose from. We think we will probably go with the following 33x60w Kaneka Solar Panels and SMA SB-1700 Inverter, through the Solar Shop. Although the panels take up a lot of space, they are very highly energy efficient and should in theory reduce our electricity bills to $0. We will connect it back to the grid, providing us with .44c credit per k/w extra produced. We will put them on the West facing roof as there is plenty of space there, and also will hardly be seen (not that that is an issue).
A single panel

View of a full system

The Inverter (converts DC to AC)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Bricks

Nat, these ones are for you. You said you keep looking to see when the pics are updated. So here they are!
Front Balcony Pillars

Pillars without Scaffolding

Front View

Windows and door frame delivered for Grand Entry

Gas Pipes installed

Garage (from back)

Rear View

It seems like we are about 1/3 of the way through bricking, which is great given our current heat wave of temperatures between 37 and 40 degrees all week.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Doors, Windows, Bricks PICS

Dining Room Sliding Door

Rear View

Second Floor


Windows, Doors and Bricks

On Thursday we arrived at our house to find the windows and glass sliding doors had been installed. It gives the house such a different feel about it. Brother D just had to do his customary blowfish on one of the doors to christen the place. The house is nowhere near completion and he has already created my first cleaning job! We were lucky that day, because the contractors left the ladder open and unlocked, so we were able to go to the second floor and have a sticky beak (and take lots of photos). D and friend R pretended to play pool in what we will be our games room.

On Friday, we arrived for our (what is now a 3 week tradition) end of week drink to find the bricking had started and on one side wall was almost to the second floor.

What an exciting couple of days. I will post pics as soon as I'm able.

Not sure what this coming week will bring given the weather is forecast between 36 and 38 degrees everyday. Hopefully they will work at least until lunch time so we can see some progress.