Thursday, April 16, 2009


Because pictures are better than words, here are colours we will use in our home.

Boral Roof Tile - Ebony
(looks much darker in real)

Render - Paperbark

Gutters and Facias - Monument
(looks much darker in real)

Aluminium Window Frames - White Birch

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets - Echelon Redwood

Kitchen Benchtop - Caeserstone Night Sky

Bathroom and Laundry Benchtops - Diamond Gloss Starlight

Stairway railing and Front Door - Jarrah

Front Entrance Doors - Corinthian Sunburst

Panelift Door - Paperbark but with Sherwood windows

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Contract Appointment

Part A
I’m still up at 12:30 in the morning, researching and trying to prepare for our Contract Appointment at 2pm this afternoon. By no means are we ready, but really that is at no fault of our own as we still haven't received a quote for the electrical layout.

We are completely moved in to our new house. Our old home settles on the 16th of April (after a delay with finance from the buyer), so only a couple more days before we no longer have access. This place has scrubbed up quite well, with many thanks to D and K, D, and R, who have all helped with painting, cleaning, gardening, electrical work… and also M and J who helped with the moving and clean up of our old home. We had a BBQ as a bit of a house warming on Thursday evening, welcoming our lovely neighbour from our old home. I’m so pleased we don’t have to say goodbye to all the good things about our old home.

It has been an extremely busy and slightly stressful past couple of weeks, but in no way overwhelming. There is still so much to organise: fence, change of address details, cancellation of Electricity, quotes (driveway, water storage, solar panels, sliding fence), and lodgement of development application (for removal of the timber frame house and significant tree) with council.
On a more positive, less hectic note, congratulations goes to B and S who had their 1st baby this week – Jake John.

Part B
The contract is now signed, sealed and delivered. Well, received anyhow. We have our draft drawings, contract and bank pack. Whilst we finally received our quote for the Electrical this morning, T acknowledged that we didn’t have time to thoroughly sort it out and said it will just be recorded as a variation. As I now understand these are post contract variations which have no cost, it is only Building Variations that will now have a charge of $550. It feels even more real now that we actually have something official to show for it all in our hands.