Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Meeting with Henley

After several years of planning and saving, the first stage of building our dream house ‘The Majestic’ by Henley Properties, is under way. We visited the Henley display centre (now only at Parafield Gardens) on Sunday and paid a deposit to secure the house price.

The sales consultant provided us with our ‘Complete Home’ package, which more or less provides all the sources of materials for colour selections to be made. We have 30 days to decide
Brick and roof tile colours
Façade (although we have already decided on the Scottsdale – full balcony)
Paint colouring to rendering, downpipes, gutters...
Doors – front entrance, indoors
Tiles – kitchen splash back, bathroom/toilet walls and floors
Laminate colours to all cupboard doors and bench tops
Garage Door
Kitchen layout – doors/drawers
Optional Extras – rear roller door
Non included extras – Flooring (carpets, timber, tiling), Air Conditioning, Alarms, Lighting, Curtains, Electrical home automation…
While it may at first seem relatively simple, it is the things that aren’t included that need to be thought about now, to ensure everything is laid at the right time and that all colours will co-ordinate.

It is an exciting process to be thinking about and planning for. The time frame becomes a concern knowing D is back at work and doesn’t have time to visit all the places that display options. My job is to narrow down the selection, for D to help make a final selection from.

We had emailed to us a list of other ‘Majestics’ that have been built in Adelaide for us to have a look at in terms of Façade and colourings. We went for a drive this afternoon through Mawson Lakes, Northgate and Walkley Heights. Out of the 6 we saw, 5 had the garage on the opposite side to the entry, which is different to the plan we have been provided. I must say, I prefer the plan we have.

Already there are lots of questions to ask about inclusions and extras – e.g. Storm water runoff, waste cleanup, inclusion of shower in ensuite 2, so have started a list of things to ask.

Meanwhile, we are also getting ready to move into our investment property and sell our current home. The clean up and pack up of where we currently are, is taking place simultaneously with the planning of ‘The Majestic’. Lucky I am on holidays at the moment. It would be stress to high heaven if all this were to have been done while both D and I were at work.

We have just started telling people about our decision – D’s parents, his workmates, WM. The common consensus is – “it is beautiful”, “we/I are/am jealous”, “it is a mansion”. The 3 bathrooms shock everyone. It shocked us too to begin with when we first saw the design a couple years back – to the point we talked about taking out a bathroom. Now though, we decided the house has room for everything we want anyway, without making more space, so in general terms, most things are staying exactly as per the plan.

The next step: returning to see our sales consultant and signing the formal documentation. Henley's engineer will visit our block to test and assess soil, levels… Followed within 2 weeks by the Colour Selection Appointment at Henley head office.

I phoned Port Adelaide/Enfield Council (8405 6600) requesting information about removal of a timber frame house and significant tree. They are sending out the information and appropriate forms for that, so that side of things is now underway too.