Monday, June 22, 2009

Finance Approved

We have official word that after a lot of negatioting, revaluing, reworking - we have our finance approved. The bank had difficulty setting up the loan as it is of a complicated nature, but in the end our wonderful bank manager (Yes S, that's you if your reading) got everything organised. We would never go to anyone else. (And no S. you are NOT allowed to retire while we are on this earth - I know very selfish. but hey your great!) S. should be informing Henley any time now. Full steam ahead. Only a week and a half and I'll be able to start posting photos of our demolition. WooHoo!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Development Approval

We received confirmation today of having received our Development Approval for building. YAY!!!! Just awaiting finance and demolishment of 'The Purple Palace' for the next stage to go ahead.

Currently tenanted until Sunday 5th of July. Demolition to commence Monday 6th of July.