Sunday, February 28, 2010

Electrical Options

This week we continued to follow up our Electrical options. We have tried to source Insurance so we can work with the Electricians independently, but have kept coming up against a brick wall. Currently we are awaiting responses from 3 different sources to see if we can get covered, but also (with thanks to Dad) have another idea to try out when the working week starts. We hope to have this all sorted out this week. (1 year since our first electrical meeting)

On site, the bottom level is now almost completely rendered and the frame for the garage roof has now been completed. It doesn't seem like there is now much left for the exterior to be completed.

We have contacted a new Independent Inspector after the last one became uncontactable. We had previously given him all our plans but then did not hear boo from him (over 3 weeks now, after 3 emails and 6 phone messages left on his phone). The new one turns out a bit cheaper, so that is a bonus.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The week of NOTHINGNESS!

Nothing at all was done this week...
...except us chasing up the electrical work once again and...
another extension in time to the build - we now are up to a 19 day extension. (Never mind that the electrician is in hospital - the delays are clearly caused by us as written in the extension request)

More time to save money to pay for it all hey :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Look

The scaffolding came down during the week. Our house has a new look now that you can actually see it.

The renderers should be back this coming week to start on the lower level. Meanwhile, we will also continue trying to sort out the Electrical. We may now go through the Electricians independently (i.e. without the builder margins) but this means sorting out independent insurance. After yet another request for extension in time (now 13 days, for us delaying works), we will be putting in an official complaint to Head Office, outlining the delays and providing documentation showing how the delays have not been caused by US.  Fingers crossed that maybe this week the Electrical will be sorted out once and for all (12 months since first meeting with the Electrician).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Top Level Render Painted

Sorry for the delay in updates. The pics should help tell the story.
Temporary front doors at Lock-Up
Garage to Kitchen door
1st Fix Air Conditioning

Top Level Render Painted (Paperbark)

(The painter worked on a Saturday, so we were really pleased to see things happening. We are also extremely happy with our colour selection even though it looks more cream in these photos that what it really is.)

We met with the 2nd Electrician from Vision Living on Friday evening and feel like we are really close to being able to finally sign off on everything in that area. Henley have still increased prices in a couple areas so we will just get that sorted and fingers crossed this time it can move ahead to the next stage.

We have made contact with an Independent Inspector (Kris Jones from Blue Square Developments) and hopefully will have an inspection date in the next week or so. We have noted 8 issues, 3 of which we have already mentioned to Henley. Thankfully all seem minor so should be easy to fix.

  • tap relocation out the back (signed off on a variation)

  • brick work missing where a pipe was positioned wrong in the slab

  • Air conditioning thermostat cabling in wrong position

  • Normal black piping used in laundry instead of green for connection to water tank (signed in original tender)

  • Air conditioning insulation showing where no joiner was used leading up to 2nd story

  • split in insulation around cabling for air conditioning

  • small chips in pillars on balcony

  • paint from over render on gutter
The scaffolding is due to come down this week. It will be great to see our house with it's clothes on hehe...