Monday, April 12, 2010


Gyprocking now looks complete. We're guessing the next stage is to pull the electrical wires through. Although it makes it feel so much more like a house and really defines each room, we've just posted one photo as all the photos look so much the same.

(Taken from the kitchen area overlooking dining and family rooms)


Anonymous said...

It looks so good now!!!! I drove past with Mum to have a looky before I went home :) Lovin the new pics too, I've been checking and waiting for them :) Render makes it look so good :) Love Nat

TamDaz said...

Thanks Nat. Will post a few new pics in a day or two. Now have stairs, kitchen and roller doors. Pity we are locked out though, so photos all taken through dirty windows. Hey, the way things are going, the next time your here, it may all be finished. Never know!