Friday, April 23, 2010

Stairs, Kitchen, Roller Doors -Lots of Action :-)

With no work expected other than waterproofing of wet areas, we were greatly suprised during the week to see a great list of additions having taken place.
Kitchen cupboards installed

Gas meter installed
All doors (internal and front entry) delivered
Roller Doors Installed
Grand Entry Staircase Installed

(note in the background you can see the vanities for the upstairs ensuites)

It was such an exciting day to see all this done in one day. Apparently once the waterproofing is complete the tiler will be in. We have emailed the builder asking an approximate completion date because from our point of view, there musn't be a lot left to do.

Oh and one more thing happened during the last week too, which I will share over the weekend when I get time, so don't forget to check back soon :-)

P.S. All internal photos were taken through dirty windows so sorry if there is glare or it looks like poor quality.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Gyprocking now looks complete. We're guessing the next stage is to pull the electrical wires through. Although it makes it feel so much more like a house and really defines each room, we've just posted one photo as all the photos look so much the same.

(Taken from the kitchen area overlooking dining and family rooms)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Last Wednesday 31-3-10, we had a walk through to check all the electrical work had been completed. Although there were a couple minor things that need addressing, all in all everything is looking good. On Thursday, we had a second walk through with the 2nd Electrician - J from Vision Living. I really can't recommend these guys enough as they have been so thorough with everything and ever so helpful. All the coloured cables are a sample of Vision's work.

While we had our walk through, the insulation was going in around us. Wow, what a difference 1 hour makes to the look of a place.

Gyprocking is scheduled to begin tomorrow (yes, even on a public holiday). We have our fingers crossed they have the last of the electrical fix ups sorted before the walls begin otherwise they might be making it more difficult on themselves.

We are so happy to see things progressing at a steady rate again!