Friday, July 16, 2010

Rest in Peace

Grandpa - although you will never get to visit inside our house, we will be sure to take many happy memories of you there with us. We love you very  much.

So much has happened over the past month since my last post.
  • Both my Grandpa's were admitted to hospital for aggressive cancers which were only discovered recently. Unfortunately, my dad's dad lost his battle, but he is now at rest without further pain.
  • Little bubs is fighting fit, with the 19 week ultrasound going well. It is kicking all the time and the obstetrician has supported that it will be a very active baby. D will be happy with that.
  • Back at school I completed my AST1 (Advanced Skill Teacher) which is a process that allows for recognition of the strengths and skills I bring to the job.
  • Our current house is still on the market. Seems like the interest is there, people are just being cautious with interest rates hovering, an election coming up and a lower demand in general. We are hoping a couple interested parties who will return again this weekend for an open inspection may actually put pen to paper.
Our beautiful Majestic is now nearing completion. The final fixings, painting, tiling, plumbing are all complete. Our 2nd Electrician is doing the final fix this week, leaving only the clean up to take to place. We have been given a walk through date of the 26th of July and Handover 1st of August. We just need to confirm with our work places for time off in the afternoon for this to happen.

Anyhow, here are some pics...

Beautiful stained front doors
Vandalised front doors (paint tins left in mini-skip)
Front of house (render finished painting, balcony complete)
Electrical Hub (in garage)
Grand Entry
We are now looking forward to the big move and not looking forward to all the extra jobs that need to be organised - carpets, floorboards, driveway, front fence, water tank...Busy Busy Busy... :-)


JohnnyD said...

Hi Tam, So sorry to hear about your grandpa & shame he never got to see your beautiful home.
Love, love , love the front door but it must have been heart breaking to see it vandalised. Can't understand how anyone could do that.
YAY for handover date & good to hear that everything is going well with your pregnancy.


TamDaz said...

Thanks for your comments Loretta. Wow, you were quick. Normally, I just can't keep up with people's blogs. Unfortunately I haven't even had a chance to look at yours for a while. I promise I will get there though. The lucky thing with the doors were that it wasn't our responsibility to fix them and we will accept no less than good as new at handover. One of the neighbours told us he saw kids hiding and running away. Nothing better to do with their time. Will catch up with your house really soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

It is nice to read ur blog and go, hmm i know this already... cos i got to see u!!!!!! :D, hooray for school hollies! :) That paint looks terrible! I hope they have finished fixing it up now. Hope all is well with you and ur fam, particularly the G side. Will see u in a week :) Love Nat

TamDaz said...

Thanks Nat. We hope they fix up all the paint too. Family doing well.

Howie Ly said...

Hi Tam, sorry to hear things haven't been going great the family side of things. And the vandalism, really can't comprehend what sort of a person would do that to your house. Really hope it gets sorted out.. cheer up, only way is up from here. Cheers Howie + Shirley

TamDaz said...

Thanks Howie and Shirley - The difficulty for us currently is that my other Grandpa is also battling an aggressive cancer so may not have long either. You're right though, that we must focus on the positives and there are still a lot of good things happening around us too.Our little bubs for one and the walk through in less than a week is two.