Friday, May 7, 2010

Front Doors - We love them!

After a busy week, I finally have time to provide an update. Last week our gorgeous front doors were installed. They are yet to be stained, but we love them already!

From the inside
Ceiling speaker holes cut
Another view of the grand stairs

These pictures are actually from over a week ago. Haven't had a chance to go past the house this past week as we are in the process of putting our current house on the market. Our real estate agent came around last night and we signed all the contracts ready for sale. Selling our current house has become a matter of priority with another building invoice received bringing the build to 90% completion. Still looking forward to hearing an approximate building completion date.


Anonymous said...

The doors look great :) When I saw that first pic u showed me I actually thought there was solid white panels and not glass panels lol The glass looks great :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was nat again, whoops sorry lol

JohnnyD said...

Those doors are just stunning. I forgot to ask you on your thread but how did you enjoy walking up those stairs?